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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

best christmas present ever xx

Hello my pretty little readers <3

I hope all of my followers who celebrate Christmas had an amazing day with their family & friends && a happy new year to ALL of my readers, regardless of religion! LOL My month has been non-stop with work parties, friend parties, seeing all sides of the family, holiday parties, birthday parties, etc I am just now getting a few minutes to post a quick post. since I am short on time, I wanted to just post about the great Christmas present I have received this year. I absolutely was surprised, and it couldn't have been a better gift!

I was surprised with a few tickets to the play Wicked at the Oriental theatre in Chicago, IL which is my home city! :) I absolutely love the theatre and seeing plays. While most of my peers were at bars, i opted for attending plays, going to the movies, things of that nature... so when i found out we were going to this play, i was absolutely floored! Here is a video of the play that the website had so you all can get a peek!

Any time I get to go downtown Chicago I get uber excited. It is such a lovely place to be - during the winter they have so many lights throughout the city, I felt like a tourist with all the pictures I was taking! The theater itself does not allow photography of any kind- - so I cannot post any photos of it but inside is truly amazing. Especially from an architectural aspect, it was truly breathtaking.

Now onto my outfit!!!

 I went to Windsor which is a gown store in most malls in Illinois. They have great clothes but most of us shop there mainly for their gowns. They have all types of dresses for all types of occasions. I opted for a shorter, above the knee, red dress to match the Holiday season colors.


 I paired it with awesome stockings and my black Pleasure stripper heels. LOL I case it was cold, I bought a mini black sweater to wrap around but seriously barely kept it on. Jewelry as simple as I wanted the focus to be on the outfit itself. I just had a black beaded bangle type bracelet, and silver and black earrings. I kept it pretty light!

Before the play, my best friends and i attended a dinner party at the Arrowhead banquet restaurant in Wheaton, IL. it is a golf clubhouse as well, and absolutely spectacular. It is so exquisite, and so well decorated and lit. I had an absolute blast taking advantage of the open bar, and dance floor. Nevena and I were dancing nonstop!  Least to say my legs were so sore for a couple days after...

Above is a picture of some of the tables... the tables my group and i were sitting at is the one to the far right, my friends are all around the Christmas tree getting ready for a picture, and i was walking around taking pictures of everything else LOL 

Below is a picture of the head chef getting the food prepared-- the food was nothing short of amazing. Prime rib, beef tenderloin, mashed potato martinis, ugh it was delicious!

Below is a picture of the Wicked play playbill which is the booklet of the cast, the orchestra, little biographies of each cast mate, etc I also found out that my favorite actress in the play is also in one of my other favorite plays --The phantom of the opera which is also coming to my city, Chicago, IL, from January to March which i am trying to get my hands on some tickets for that as well! one can only hope :)

Thank you for reading my post, and I hope you all have had an amazing holiday season. I cannot believe it is over already -- so much has went on and time has went by so fast. I absolutely love this time of year despite the freezing cold weather :( Chicago has had negative temperatures, and it is driving me absolutely insane. This has got to be one of the coldest winters in a very long time... years and years.

Cannot wait to get it past me already -- Summer where art thou?? 

Rica x0x


  1. Glad you had a good one. HNY.

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  3. Hi! Wonderful post! I love your outfit! It's so sophisticated! I'm impressed by your dress and amazing tights ;)) Would you like to follow each other? Let me know, I'll follow back immediatelly ;)) Keep in touch! ;))

    Kisses and hugs,
    Marentora :)

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  5. you look stunning in that cute red dress. Congrats for having a good and amazing activities during the holiday season.
    thanks for the comment, i already followed u.


  6. i love your dress! i'm so happy for you for having a good holidays.
    i already followed you, lets keep in touch!


  7. Nice post!!! Thank you for visiting my blog! Do you want to see my last post?
    My best look of 2013

  8. thanx for ur comment, i just followed u via GFC and bloglovin

  9. It looks like you had a really fun time!! I'm glad that you had a very nice holiday and New Years!! It's 2014 already and I just cannot believe it.
    I really love all your pictures and it sounds like you have been very busy and having fun last/this month. I am so jealous of your tickets to Wicked and it's even better that the theater is close to your home. I hope you get the tickets to the Phantom of the Opera as well.

    You look absolutely gorgeous in you dress. That color really suits you and I love the design of the dress. I agree that minimum accessories are the way to go with the look! You look beautiful in it and , if I know if I had danced for that long in heels, I would not be walking the next day! Whenever I wear heels to a dance, they come off within the first 15 min of dancing just because my feet hurt so badly!

    This is a reply to your last comment on my blog, but right after I got back from vacation, Connecticut was threatened with a storm that would drop over a foot of snow on us. Everyone ran out to buy food, supplies, etc and they cleared the shelves at my local market. It turns out that we got less than 6 inches from that storm lol. It was pretty funny, but I'm glad because school was cancelled lol.


  10. Awh that sounds like so much fun! They did a showing in Dublin, Ireland (where I live) but I didn't have any free time to go see it :( glad you enjoyed yourself, love your unusual dress!
    Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my blog, I really appreciate them! I am following you now ;)



  11. great post.love your outfit
    wish you all the best in this year
    wanna follow each other via gfc & bloglovin

  12. love you dress! sounds like you had a lovely time! x


  13. You look fabulous Rica... I love the dress... such an incredible color choice for you ♡

    I am following you on GFC and Bloglovin

    Thank you for the beautiful comment on my blog lettersfromlaunna.blogspot.com ♥

  14. thanks for the lovely comment on my blog! you're so sweet! i followed you back on GFC! :)
    keep in touch! -Randa

  15. Absolutely love your outfit, the dress is so unique great choice, you look gorgeous hun. Thanks again for dropping by my blog and hope the weather is much better than last week xoxo :)

  16. Great post, thanks for sharing!
    Thank-you for visiting my blog, You have a lovely blog:)

    Hugs, Brittany, xx


  17. Incredible style and blog! :)

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  18. Such a pretty dress! :)


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