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i'm addicted to all things girly; I truly enjoy socializing, reading & writing, scrapbooking & other arts & crafts, experimenting with hair and make up as I am obsessed with fashion/celeb magazines, YouTube beauty gurus, and lettings my creativity exhume me thru any means possible. im here to share my views, personal opinions, and situations i am going through along with a mix of latest news;; fashion, hair & make up ideas;; beauty tips & tricks;; vacations, creative ideas & DIY posts;; && just about people in today's society in general. i love to document every thing in my life to look back on it in the future. Self-Reflection is one of the best ways to progress in life!!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Sex Toy Party

 hello  my lovely readers!!

Have you ever been to a sex toy party? Yes, you read that right. How many of you just blushed and made sure no one else was looking at your screen? ;) I know, I know.... Often times, when people hear this, they think one word… orgy!! As much as I would love to say I participated in an all-female-sex-a-thon, I did not. We sat around in a circle and watched the hostess demonstrate all of the products. There were pheromone enhanced bath bubbles, vanilla flavored lube, edible body shimmer, and just about every kind of vibrator known to (wo)man. Ever heard of the “Silky Stud”? How about the “Aquasaki”? Not only did I get my hands on all these things, but I also got a crash course in erotic massage and some wild sex positions. Oh, and I can’t forget to mention I won a prize for drawing the best looking penis with my eyes closed. Now there is something I can put on a resume someday. ;)

Basically sex toy parties are just silly fun for girls who are a little more on the adventurous side, which happens to be the only side I have. When the hostess brought The Rabbit out, I couldn’t help but grin. Next came The Mini Tongue, another stress reliever of mine... haha just keeeding. "Who needs a guy when you can just fire up the Hitachi Magic Wand?" said the party hostess. Of course nothing compares to real sex… real GOOD sex. The party hostess asked me if I had a vibrator or ever used one, unfortunately no i have not. I said "why have one, and waste money on one when i have my boyfriend right by my side ready to go?"

And her answer was amazing.

"Because there are about a million things that can go wrong when having sex with someone, I think it is important to have a “sure thing” sitting around just in case. "

Brilliant answer, right? It definitely got a few girls to bite the bait and buy one, but i did not. I only ended up spending about $75.00 at the sex toy party and not a single thing I bought required batteries or penetration... LOL. Instead, I opted for products I thought were very unique. 

Nipple Nibblers by Surprise Parties

Smoothie Massage Cream by Surprise Parties

Pure Instinct Pheromone Cologne by Surprise Parties

Both lotions taste like candy and make my skin extremely soft. I tested out the pheromone cologne when i went to the bar the other day with my girl friend.. and I didn’t notice too much of a difference considering there are men all over us when we go out as it is.. lol I put spots of it on my chest, wrists, and neck and although it made me smell lovely, it didn’t seem to have an effect on any man. That’s OK though. I still love the scent and I am going to use it all the time.

I understand a lot of this stuff is just a total gimmick and there is some asshole out there making alot of money on the fact that women will buy anything to enhance certain aspects of their life. This is also OK.

Why? Because everything about life is a gimmick.

People tell you they are genuine and trustworthy but they just end up being a faded spot of perfume on your skin with a promise to do so much more than smell good. In saying this, I will take the chance with the sex appeal enhancement simply because I have nothing to lose. 

I will also take the chance in saying I am not the only girl out there that will admit she loves sex.

Pleasure should never be shameful ;-)

xoxo rica

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Incredible Bargain Shopper!

shoes xx

ok so it is a given that I love me some great 5” or higher heels.  && I spend pretty pennies to have them. But the thing with me is, though I do love just about every pair of to die for heels on bebe.com, the truth is they’re out of my price range. If I had the kind of money to throw around on the shoes i love-- that would complete my life on that site, I’d be a very happy girl! But, I don’t. && i accept that.

So I find other means. ;)

But once in a while, in a cruel almost auto-masochism routine, I torture myself by looking at net-a-porter.com or shopbop.com or as previously stated, bebe.com and adding pair after pair to my cart, never being able to actually “check out” in the end. But it feels good to pretend. And today while enduring the agony of ‘window shoe shopping’ on shopbop.com, I came across a familiar friend.

$310.00 for an awesome pair of Rock&Republic heels. They’re to die for. Black and gray suede, perfect heel height. I can almost see my little feeties in them now. But $310.00 for shoes?

Ouch. never will i spend that much $ on a pair of shoes.

but then it hit me.. i've seen these shoes before! Earlier today, in fact! && being the bargain shopper that I am, i am a fan of GoJane.com for shoe shopping. Amongst the plethora of God-awful shoes on that site, there is the often occasional gem. This familiar shoe was one of them.

Now, the differences here are obvious.

The quality of the shoe on the left is much better than that of the right. The materials used, the craftsmanship, the sheer look of it. But in all honesty, does that really matter? Sure, if I had the money, I’d prefer the Rock&Republic’s on the left.

But the wonderful thing about my keen eye for bargain shopping, is that the twin with the learning disability on the right is only $20.60. Sure, you get what you pay for. But I am too cheap to care. The great thing about this site as well, is that you can order these shoes in other colors! An option Rock&Republic does not offer. I see no difference in ordering righty over there.

Now what did i just do?

 saved myself $289.40 on one pair of shoes! 

That is my favorite thing about my bargain shoe shopping. what some people would spend on one pair, I can spend on seven or eight great new pairs of shoes. don’t even get me started on the prices of those Louboutins…..

xo rica

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

leibster blog award x2 xx

hey all my pretty ladies! i am here today to finally get around to posting my numerous Leibster Awards i have received from a couple different bloggers over the past month. my first award came from the lovely Kia at Cosmo Gloss  && my second award came from the beautiful Andrea at PHD Fashionista - so i will address her second in the post below. [[ go check their AMAZING blogs out now!! ]]

1. Each nominee must mention and link back the person who nominated them.
2. Answer the 11 questions given to you by the nominator.
3. List 11 random facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 11 blogs who have less than 300 followers for this award.
5. Create 11 questions for your nominees to answer.
6. Inform your nominees that you have nominated them.

11 Facts about myself
1. i'm a high heel aficionado, lip gloss lover, and obsessed with having everything from my hair to my toes did at all times. I'm most definitely an extreme girly girl. i like to think i leave a bit of sparkle every where i go [[ && i don't let ANY ONE dull my sparkle.*]]

2. i am a total book worm. i always say i'll only read one or two chapters of a book & then i get comfortable on my bed and end up spending the entire day/night reading the entire book .. lol

3. my education is very important to me. i thirst for learning new things, and if school were free, i'd take all the classes available because knowledge is power, and i feel very good when i am able to initiate intelligent conversations.. that's the type of confidence every one should feel at least once.

4. creativity wants to burst at my seams. i'm a huge scrapbooker, even bigger arts and crafts gal. i am always working on a project, and spend half my paychecks at hobby lobby and Michael's craft store. making jewelry, greeting cards, collages, drawing, scrap booking, etc -- i do it all :)

5. i'm a huge child abuse awareness advocate. i do everything i can in order to spread awareness. i feel strongly for helping abused children. check out some posts for more info: Support The Cause && Child Abuse Awareness-- Be Their Voice xx

6. i document every thing. i have a daily journal where i document things that gave me a big emotional impact--whether happy, sad, shocked, etc i document all the opportunities i have had--jobs, modeling gigs, etc. i'm currently writing a post on my central command binder i document all of my favorite sayings and quotes in a separate binder i made myself. && i would love to bury a time capsule one day :]

7. I'm a germophobe, and an insane clean freak.i Lysol and febreeze everything in my house, as i am obsessed with smelling good personally as well as my apartment & car smelling fresh too. I damn near have OCD with organizing and cleaning things/rooms

8. my sister is the most amazing gift God has blessed me with. ive gotten soo much closer to my family this past year, and for that i am forever grateful. ♥

9. my digital camera goes everywhere with me. since i've gotten an iPhone from work, i have just used that as its pictures are insanely perfect. Say Cheese. ツ

10. i hate waiting but hate being rushed even more. This is especially so when I am getting ready for the day in the mornings. I have a routine and have to do exactly it otherwise I go crazy!

11. everyone tells me im the funniest person they've ever met. i love to laugh but enjoy making others laugh even more. most of the time i'm being a sarcastic asshole, and therefore you should never take what i say to heart. ;]

Answer the following 11 questions:

What motivated you to start your blog?
i consider blogging as my therapy. ive been a writer since as long as i can remember. In my preteen days, writing with my feather pink pens and gel pens on colored paper and the little locks they came with that i knew no one would ever be able to pick unless they had my key. ;) i love to connect with other bloggers who may be going through similar situations as i am. it is awesome to see what the blogging world has developed into over the years-- and i have become more connected with people here than in my real life. How sad is that LOL

What is your most beloved beauty product you can't live without?
i have so many i cannot live without. I desperately need cover up/foundation, my preferred drug store mascara, and some sort of lip wear-- whether it be chap stick or lip gloss! Those are my top three for sure!

What is your favorite nail color?
there are so many factors that can go into play. Factors such as the season, weather, holidays, outfits i plan on wearing, current trends, etc. my absolute go to nail color when in doubt is always black or french manicure. they are both neutrals and match any thing and every thing. for work, i wear a lot of black.

Not to mention black is such a good platform to add any type of pattern you wish, i think so at least. i love adding leopard prints with my tans once i want some change, or i will ad silver sparkle lines horizontally, etc 
Favorite type of music?
Hiphop,Rap, Pop, Rock -- I listen to it all. Lately I have been turned onto an Opera Rock and you would not think the two would sound good together but it is amazingly awesome to hear how they intertwine into awesome sounds!

Lipstick or Lipgloss?
Recently i began getting into matte lip sticks. My current favorites are the Maybelline SuperStay 14hour matte lipstick my shade is Beige Foregood. They stay on all day with out having to reapply. There are a great variety of different shades surely able to match any outfit. Also, I am obsessed with having to have some thing on my lips at all times otherwise i feel they are drying out or some thing lol So when chap stick isn't around, these matte lipsticks do the job!

The other lip product i am loving right now is the Revlon Color Burst Lip in Creme Brulee for a good shimmer shade.

Favorite hobby?
Shopping! lol Aside from shopping, I love to do arts and crafts. As mentioned above, I do it all from making jewelry, greeting cards, collages, drawing, all the way to scrap booking, etc --- i absolutely love it. I am left-handed though so I am sure that is my excuse for being so creative!

What is your guilty pleasure show to watch?

Game of Thrones for sure! I will definitely admit I would NEVER have chosen to watch this show on my own. This show is such a man, geeky, sci-fi, show that I so am not usually into. However after being FORCED to watch a few episodes, i got into it SO much and am now OBSESSED! It has all the drama us girly sappy soap operas have-- just intertwined with some bad ass females who kick ass!

I absolutely love this show, and am ecstatic about the start of Season Four starting in just one more month!!

If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?
My home land of Puerto Rico! One, to get away from this awful weather Chicago has been having. 2 To visit all of my family since the majority of them all reside there. 3. To soak my toes in the sand of some of the most beautiful beaches in the world!

Favorite accessory/piece?
Jewelry!! You can legit make or break an outfit with jewelry. You can up do it to some thing very formal and classy, or bum it down to casual and chic.Whether it is one piece or several pieces of jewelery, adding jewelery to your wardrobe is something that can easily elevate you to the next level of style and make you feel better about the way you look.

The jewelery pieces that you select to go with an outfit can either compliment it, or take away from it drastically. It is important to choose each piece carefully so that you make the best impression.

Best part of blogging?
Finding inspiration. I am always reading numerous other blogs and I find inspiration all over the place. i find it in every aspect of my life -- beauty, fashion, lifestyle, children, school, work, etc. i love having my words appreciated as well.

i have always had a lot to say && now i finally have an audience who CHOOSES to read. Also I love to connect with others who have the same interest and lives as I do!

Any pets?
I do not own any pets at the moment, as they ar3e not allowed where i am currently living. However I absolutely LOVE cats! I am definitely a car person. I have had a couple cats in my life, but I had to leave each of them with my then roommates at the time as my new apartments did not allow any pets. :( I am still trying to convince a certain someone* to get me a kitty for my birthday which is coming up in which i would name him or her "Zazzles" :)

11 questions from Andrea at PHDFashionista.com 

1. Do you have any tattoos or piercings? If so, how many and what kind?
I have no tattoos and two piercings-- my ears and belly button! I am not really into tattoos. Tattoos are tricky however I have always told myself pick something -- wait six months and if i still love and want it -- then go for it! && as of yet, i have not been able to like anything for longer than six months ha!

2. What is one thing that you absolutely could not live one day without?
my cellphone. lol isn't that so sad? Also, chap stick or a lip product in general.

3. If you could choose any place in the world to live where would you choose?
I would chose to live in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the USA so we are essentially 'under the same roof' as far as order and protection go. However I will get the beautiful scenery and get to be around my family and in my native land as well. What's better than that?

4. If you won a $50,000 shopping trip to any store where would you go?

Victoria's Secret!! VS has every different type of clothing I can want as far as bras and panties to sweats to regular. The company sells lingerie, womenswear, and beauty products though we all know it is best known for its UH-MAY-ZING bras and panties!! What i like most about VS is that it is all this sexiness packaged in a tasteful, glamorous way-- topped with sparkles, sequence, bolb colors, and leopard print!! [what more can a girl ask for?]

5. Where is your favorite place to vacation and why?
Puerto Rico-- the scenery. It is pretty self explanatory! lol

6. Who is your all time favorite designer?

Louis Vuitton has never gone wrong. I also love Dior and Coco Chanel.

7. If you had to choose between losing your entire makeup collection or losing your entire wardrobe, which would you choose?

I have had to deal with losing both last year. January 2013 my roommate stole & sold all of my things. The only thing she left behind were coat hangers and furniture. My jewelry, clothes, makeup, hair products, etc were all stolen. I later found out she was a hardcore alcohol & drug addict and made $3k off my stuff at a few different pawn shops. I was able to retrieve about 20% of my stuff back. Plus, when she got arrested, her car was left in my driveway so I was able to sell that for $2500, so I essentially didn't luck out entirely but it did not replace the sentimental items && that's what hurts the most.

However if this did not happen to me, I would choose my make up collection because more than half of it is drug store make up so it would not be too expensive to replace.

8. What meal could you eat everyday for the rest of your life?

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups? lol jk I can live off of any type of meat and pasta.

9. If you had to choose one pair of shoes to wear with every outfit forever what shoes would you choose?

This is very tough as where I live, the seasons are so dramatically different. So for Winter, I would choose my black knee high leather boots. They literally match every single Winter outfit I wear.

For Summer I would choose my wedges as they match every single outfit I wear. I am sure a lot of girls would choose flats but wedges feel like flats to me. I have always been comfortable wearing high heels for hours on end.

I like to say 'my feet were made for heels" ;-)

10. If you could trade places with one person for a day, who would it be?

This is a tough one. I think celebrity-wise, I would like to trade places with Demi Lovato. If I could sing like her, be able to judge/give my opinion on the X Factor, and be looked at as such a strong role model-- i would be so self-fullfilled and in pure bliss. Demi Lovato is a big advocate for feeling that responsibility to turn her life around and set a good example for those who want to be like her.

11. If you could suddenly turn invisible, what is the first thing you would do?
I would get revenge on my few enemies, I would pull pranks ALL day, I would stalk some celebrities, and i would go to the movies and watch movies for free ;) I would gather as much money as possible--probably rob a bank LOL

My nominees :)
9. Faye
11.Another Beautiful Thing

My Questions:
1. What is the best and worst thing about blogging/having a blog?
2. what is your most favorite blog post you have ever written?
3. how did you pick you blog name?
4. what is your most prized posession?
5. what is your favorite outfit you have?
6. what fashion trend can you not stand?
7. what are three things you cannot live without?
8. what is your dream job?
9. what is one of your best talents?
10. if you won a million dollars, what would you spend it on?
11. what do you think about the blogging community, your favorite and least favorite things about it?


Thank you all so much for reading and taking the time out of your lives to check my blog out. I sincerely put so much effort and time into making posts as enjoyable for you to read as they are for me to write. I appreciate each and every one of you on more levels than you know!

Rica x0x

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

favorite items thus far xx

hello beauties!! 
I am posting a quick review of a few products i am loving, and so happy to recommend to all my beauties! please continue reading and let me know if any of you have tried any of these products, and what your opinion on each is! i hope all of you are doing well. i have been so busy with day to day life I have not even had time to get on my blog nor comment back to any of my lovely readers! ill get to it soon, i promise! <3
Garniers Caffiene Eye Roll xx

Garniers new Caffeine Eye Roll on with a touch of concealer. My under-eyes are definitely one of my key problem areas and I like the fact this product not only conceals dark circles, but works to reduce them. Ive heard a good way of reducing discoloration around the eye area is to tap the skin around your eyes gently with your finger tips to stimulate the circulation, and I expect the roller ball on this product works in the same way.

I`ve been using it for a couple of weeks now, and have yet to notice big difference. I do, however, love the concealer touch as it makes me look more "awake" and "fresh" in the mornings when I haven`t had much sleep the night prior.

3 out of 5 smooches.

My New Chi Ionic Chameleon Hair Dryer xx

I went to Ulta, and came across a variety of ones--I seriously had no idea where to even start. I knew I wanted the ionic ones though. CHI also uses what`s called FAR Infrared technology. What this pretty much does is dries the hair from inside out due to its ionic charge. The negative ions produced by the CHI hair dryer diffuse water molecules into microfine particles improving moisture, balance and shine, reducing frizz, and eliminating static electricity. Thus leaving my hair super duper silky smooth.

I didn`t even go to my straightener afterwards becuse it was sooo smooth. Overall, I am thoroughy impressed with it. I`ve read a lot of reviews and some say they blow out on you within months. I hope that isn`t the case for me as I spent $179.99 on it!! 

5 out of 5 smooches

Ed Hardy Hearts && Daggers Perfume xx

I am OBSESSED with Ed HARDY`s Hearts && Daggers perfume. I bought the combo with the body lotion with it as pictured above, and use it every single day.

I am not a big fan of Ed Hardy`s trashy clothing, but their perfumes are to.die.for. I have bought two different kinds this one and the born wild one, and both are uniquely different but still smell soo amazing and yummy!

If you`re looking for a new scent to kick start summer that is tangy, yummy, and sweet -- this is definitely the perfume for you. I get sooo many compliments every single day. One guy even smelled me from the McDonald`s drive thru window, and wanted to know what I was wearing so he can buy it for his girl friend!! LOL

5 out of 5 smooches xx

thanks for reading baby dolls! 

Rica x0x

Sunday, January 12, 2014

making choices


most people today do not realize just how important making choices in life is. There are a million little strings attached to every choice you make; you can destroy your life every time you make a decision. maybe you won't know for twenty years, or maybe you find out in a few seconds.. && sometimes you'll never ever be able to trace it to its source when other times it'll be right in front of your face. in most cases, you only get one chance to play it out. because after all, your fate is what you create. i know i know, that is debatable.

Even though the world goes on for eons and eons, you are here for a fraction of a fraction of a second. Most of your time is spent being dead or not yet born. But while alive, you wait in vain, wasting years, for a phone call or a letter or a look from someone or something to make it all right. And it never comes or it seems to but doesn't really. And so you spend your time in vague regret or vaguer hope for something good to come along. Something to make you feel connected, to make you feel whole, to make you feel loved... so many people waste their lives in regret and i just think it's such a waste of life, a waste of valuable time others would give a million dollars for..

i know i talk about life being wasted, while i turn around and do it. but it's like i want to achieve perfection and try to avoid bad things, but there’s a devil in everyone.. we can't all be the way we want to be. we can't be [the person we preach to be entirely... and most of all, i can't please anyone, nor do i try anymore.

i became this way because of trust.

yep. trust- the word is just plain half ignorance applied to the concept that nobody can use it correctly, and in fact often abused. i can't do anything when my back is turned, i am blind. i am afraid of myself and every human being that has the power in their hands to deceive me.

&& what many don't know is it corrupts my mind, and way of thinking. that's where i start to dig, i dig myself a hole, a hole that i don't plan on ever getting out of.. what is this hole ?

this hole is wisdom. 

For everyone that lies or turns their back on me, I become wise and more observant. you make me stronger. yep. put that in your pipe and smoke it ;)

all jokes aside, let's face it-- i don’t get the option of picking or choosing when ill excite you, bore you or piss you off.

i’m a chick to wrapped up in her own business to notice your jealousy most of the time, and when i do, i become so consumed in what's wrong with you that i don't even know what to start to say to you. i can't help that i got that attitude where if I don’t mean shit to you, then you don’t mean shit to me, its not being bitchy -- its being wise, don't get it twisted.

lesson to learn: pretty faces can be monsters in masks. i can either be the cancer or the light of your life.

you decide <3

Rica -x0x-

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

best christmas present ever xx

Hello my pretty little readers <3

I hope all of my followers who celebrate Christmas had an amazing day with their family & friends && a happy new year to ALL of my readers, regardless of religion! LOL My month has been non-stop with work parties, friend parties, seeing all sides of the family, holiday parties, birthday parties, etc I am just now getting a few minutes to post a quick post. since I am short on time, I wanted to just post about the great Christmas present I have received this year. I absolutely was surprised, and it couldn't have been a better gift!

I was surprised with a few tickets to the play Wicked at the Oriental theatre in Chicago, IL which is my home city! :) I absolutely love the theatre and seeing plays. While most of my peers were at bars, i opted for attending plays, going to the movies, things of that nature... so when i found out we were going to this play, i was absolutely floored! Here is a video of the play that the website had so you all can get a peek!

Any time I get to go downtown Chicago I get uber excited. It is such a lovely place to be - during the winter they have so many lights throughout the city, I felt like a tourist with all the pictures I was taking! The theater itself does not allow photography of any kind- - so I cannot post any photos of it but inside is truly amazing. Especially from an architectural aspect, it was truly breathtaking.

Now onto my outfit!!!

 I went to Windsor which is a gown store in most malls in Illinois. They have great clothes but most of us shop there mainly for their gowns. They have all types of dresses for all types of occasions. I opted for a shorter, above the knee, red dress to match the Holiday season colors.


 I paired it with awesome stockings and my black Pleasure stripper heels. LOL I case it was cold, I bought a mini black sweater to wrap around but seriously barely kept it on. Jewelry as simple as I wanted the focus to be on the outfit itself. I just had a black beaded bangle type bracelet, and silver and black earrings. I kept it pretty light!

Before the play, my best friends and i attended a dinner party at the Arrowhead banquet restaurant in Wheaton, IL. it is a golf clubhouse as well, and absolutely spectacular. It is so exquisite, and so well decorated and lit. I had an absolute blast taking advantage of the open bar, and dance floor. Nevena and I were dancing nonstop!  Least to say my legs were so sore for a couple days after...

Above is a picture of some of the tables... the tables my group and i were sitting at is the one to the far right, my friends are all around the Christmas tree getting ready for a picture, and i was walking around taking pictures of everything else LOL 

Below is a picture of the head chef getting the food prepared-- the food was nothing short of amazing. Prime rib, beef tenderloin, mashed potato martinis, ugh it was delicious!

Below is a picture of the Wicked play playbill which is the booklet of the cast, the orchestra, little biographies of each cast mate, etc I also found out that my favorite actress in the play is also in one of my other favorite plays --The phantom of the opera which is also coming to my city, Chicago, IL, from January to March which i am trying to get my hands on some tickets for that as well! one can only hope :)

Thank you for reading my post, and I hope you all have had an amazing holiday season. I cannot believe it is over already -- so much has went on and time has went by so fast. I absolutely love this time of year despite the freezing cold weather :( Chicago has had negative temperatures, and it is driving me absolutely insane. This has got to be one of the coldest winters in a very long time... years and years.

Cannot wait to get it past me already -- Summer where art thou?? 

Rica x0x

Monday, December 23, 2013

be their voice ;; child abuse awareness xx

i have always been active in spreading child abuse awareness. I have always considered it the absolute least any of us can do. I wanted to repost this post as I want to keep it at the forefront of all our minds especially during this holidays season of hope and faith. I want to inform you all on my take, my experience, how you can help, excruciating statistics, and some graphic images.

One Person Can Make A DIFFERENCE.

Warning: 100% chance this post will have you in tears. I am sorry to put a damper on things but talking about it is one way of combating it.

Children are innocent and precious, they are also small and defenseless. Adults have the responsibility to protect them, it is just a given responsibility you cannot say no to. Why would you want to say no to any way? But what happens when the adults in a child's life do not live up to their role? If the child is being abused or neglected, the consequences of not speaking up are extremely harmful, sometimes fatal. How can one live with that possibility on their mind?

Children are our future. Every single child deserves a good start in life. Prevention is a shared responsibility. All it takes is one more person to care. All it takes for families to remain healthy is for people to take that ONE step! Ordinary people like YOU can change the world. Celebrate programs that help families and kids. EVERY CHILD MATTERS. Being a parent is the toughest job on the planet!!!! Offer your support to people who are raising children... when you see a stranger having a hard time with their child, do not look away-- smile and say, "I have been there too, it only gets easier." Because IT DOES!! Our communities are the web binding the families together, and to each other. Small steps can make a HUGE difference!!


Adults need to speak up when witnessing or suspecting abuse is going on in the home of a child. Because children aren't going to do it themselves.

Out of fear or misplaced loyalty to their abuser, a child often won't speak up at all- even when they're going through the most horrible pain imaginable.

... why? well, they often don't speak up because they are afraid of losing the love of their abuser or the possibility of bringing more pain onto themselves.

there are many children who do try to 'run away' or get out, but are unsuccessful and only get themselves into even more pain to come...this ultimately leads them to not seeing a point in trying at all.


Of the numerous child abuse cases, about 72% involve *someone* who knew what was happening. In some of these cases, you will hear adults say "I didn't realize how bad it was" or even, "I didn't want to get involved."

With every nightly news report telling of another child raped, killed or seriously injured by a person that was supposed to be responsible for them- how can anyone stay silent if they expect a child is being abused?

An abused child is damaged for life, abuse causes scars that will never go away. There are also many cases where an abused child turns into an abuser themselves once they become adults- which only serves to repeat the cycle- thus causing another generation of broken hearts and scarred minds.

It is inexcusable to allow it to continue if an adult knows of any abuse or neglect. A child may never be able to get over the fact that he or she was abused, they may carry the scars through a lifetime- but they will remember that someone cared enough to speak up and try to protect them. And, if you know of abuse and don't speak up- the possible fatal consequences to that child may be more than a conscience can handle.

While the saying "It takes a village to raise a child" is often repeated, it also takes a village to protect a child. If you notice a friend or family member is under a lot of stress or making bad choices and they're increasingly short-tempered with their child or not being as attentive to their child's needs as they should, say something.

If you know for a fact that someone you know is abusing their child, speak up!!!!!!!!!

call the proper authorities anonymously if you must. When it comes to a child's safety and well-being, even their life- don't be afraid to speak up or afraid to "get involved." Sometimes a child is saved from further abuse or neglect because someone chose to get involved, and they manage to go on and live normal, happy lives.

And then there are the children who have died needlessly, simply because someone was too afraid to get involved. Even if you happen to witness abuse while out running errands and it's a child you don't know- call the police, get a tag number and physical description of an adult- call Child Protective Services in your city

Here is some food for thought:

[ 1 ] Every day, about four children die in the U.S. because of abuse or neglect, most of them babies or toddlers.

[ 2 ] For every incident of child abuse or neglect that gets reported, it’s estimated that two others go unreported.-- think about it!
[ 3 ] A lot of people told me im an idiot for creating a petition on neglect. little do they fucken know, that neglect is by far the most common form of child abuse, accounting for more than 60% of all cases.

[ 4 ] Physical abuse accounts for between 15% and 20% of documented child abuse cases each year.

[ 5 ] 8 out of 10 sexual abusers are someone in the family or someone the child knows. You cannot trust ANYONE around your children, it's almost ALWAYS the one person you'd NEVER think would be possible.

[ 6 ] Of all prison inmates, 84% were abused as children. Same goes for drug and alcohol addicts and sex addicted female.

Do it for the children.

It's important that society no longer tolerates or turns a blind eye to abuse, if we don't protect the children, who will?

speak up, get up & do!

xox rica

Monday, December 16, 2013

new years eve dresses xx


woo! who is as excited to get the hell away from 2013 as i am ?? i was recently invited to this huge N.Y.E party, and after going through my wardrobe, i just said "forget it-- great glam it is"

www.GreatGlam.com is a website with the most gorgeous dresses, shoes, any thing glam for the very cheap! i have known about it for quite a while, i figured it's time to share one of my best kept secrets (BTW def thinking of creating a blog hop on "best kept secrets" LOL ) all the dresses i am listing below were between $25-30 each. now remember i was opting for a more calm, but sexy look. I didn't want extreme patterns, or bright bright colors because it is a black and white party. i went for a more subtle look because quite frankly i am so sick of all the stares. haha

This is an all black jumpsuit that i know is kind of 'out there' if you knew any thing about my style. lol i am considering it for it's warmth, as well as to play it up with accessories. i was thinking of my bright red waist belt with the matching close-toed pumps i have in red as well. Of course a red-matte lipstick and black eye make up.

I see this type of style on Kim Kardashion a lot. She does the whole waist accentuated bit. i want it because i have a very round bottom half, and think this dress would make that look a bit more ... tight? lol

Unlike the model, I was thinking a tight pony tail with a bump-it oomph, long dangling sparkly earrings with black pumps.

Unlike the model, my chest is very far from bulging out. i think because of that fact this dress would look sooo much more fabulous on me. I have black pimps with leopard print on the bottom sole that would do perfectly with this. Black dangling earrings and bangles, no necklace.

Again, minimal chest thing works to my advantage with these types of dresses. i really like being able to breath but yet keeping my curves in check lol This isn't one of my favorites, but definitely a consideration because i have metallic bangles that would match nicely with the metallic stripes on the top.

This is one of my favorites. I just love the sleeves. Not to mention I have a waist belt just like the ones on the elbows. Hair straight down, a minimal necklace and my sparkly pumps. they kind of have a gold tint to them though so i may just decide to do the black pumps.

Okay I think I narrowed it down enough. Can my beautiful followers help me out by picking your favorite one ?? Also my "ideas" for what to wear and howto accessorize the outfits is deffff up for debate as well.

Help me out mamasitas!!

xox rica

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

forgetting the past & looking towards the future xx

i'm not where I want to be but thank GOD, I'm not where I used to be. I'm OK, and i'm on my way. && that makes me VERY content right now.

so here i sit in this place i shall call my temporary home, && i turned on my TV to catch a few minutes of a program about the children of convicts on E!. I believe the message of this program was that you don’t have to follow in your parents’ footsteps. The program ended with the following comment made by one of the children: “It’s not where you come from… it’s where you choose to go.”

as I heard that comment, I was reminded of all the people who feel trapped in their present life due to their past. I’m sure there are many of you reading this today who feel like a prisoner because of your past. Well, I’m here to challenge that belief and reiterate the wisdom that I heard on that TV program. So regardless of where you come from, the question really is… where are you choosing to go?

i know when it comes to letting go of the past, there are so many challenges that can arise from even trying to do so. But I wanted to point out at least a few reasons why i think you should just go for it, and see where it takes you!

reason #1: you SURVIVED.

what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. no matter what you have been through! if you are reading this, then you have survived your troubles! that should be a good enough reason to move on and make yourself a better person for the future. never let anyone bring you down and tell you that you should be sad over anything.

disclaimer: unfortunately, there have been some people who went through just as much as you went through and didn't make it out of the situation. i have not completely disregarded these people, so please don't consider me being ignorant that i assumed we all have survived each trial and tribulation because that is soo not the case..i am merely trying to point out that one should be glad and rejoice that he or she has made it to another stage in their life.

reason #2: resentment = more problems

Just face it. Nobody likes to be around a person who is always dwelling over the past. When you are just beginning to move on from any situation that may have happened to you and you make better situations worse by comparing them to your past. That is not the way to be. If you start to notice things are getting better, then take them for what they are. Do not try to nit-pick them and make them into bad situations when they are not. It is logical, that when you start to appreciate all the good around you and let go of resentment, that more good will follow for you.

reason #3: you're more than likely the ONLY person lingering on this.

I can almost guarantee someone, somewhere let this issue go a loooooong time ago. Usually, if you've had a bad experience with another person that caused you pain and betrayal, they do not hold the problem over their heads like you may be. This is bad, because it may mean that they let it go and may have had indifferent emotions towards what you call pain. So, the best thing for you to do is to act indifferent towards it. If not, then it shows that the person still has some sort of power over you that you just cannot seem to let go. So, prove to yourself that you have complete control over your emotions. You are the only person that you may need to prove that to.

i hope all that makes sense. i know i should practice what i preach, but for some reason i have always been better at giving advice as opposed to listening to it. i seem to deal with this quite often myself. i'm going through a difficult time right now, but i am not dwelling on playing the victim role-- i am dwelling on the fact that i have SURVIVED. i have made it through the hardest part of this ordeal, and only the best is yet to come. what has been does not have to affect what could be, and i really have to let that seep through my bird brain. ;)

so here i am now, tuning into the boob tube. just a second ago, i lost the remote in my covers, so i tossed the blanket & the remote flies towards my face with ninja speed! legit had a heart attack. but now, i am tuning in on the season finale of Sons of Anarchy. WOW, it is so good! I legit cried at the ending, even though I cannot stand Jax's wife Tara. I really wish they had casted me for her part, hehe ;) And also thinking.. wow, i am really infatuated with Charlie Hunnum. All that yumminesss!!! Back to the topic at hand, thank you all for baring with me with this post. I know it is very different from the norm; however I think posts like these are very much needed even if once a year. After all self reflection is the best way to move forward in life. I have been reflecting on my life quite a bit lately; and rather than feeling unfulfilled or upset with it, i realize life is a rollercoaster. It is a rollercoaster that I am sometimes very frightened by-- so much that i do not want to open my eyes at what is in front of me. As well as at other times I am opening my arms wide open ready to take in all that is coming my way. Either way it goes, this is a rollercoaster I am NOT getting off any time soon.

Thanks for reading, i love you all so much!

Rica xox

Saturday, December 7, 2013

to be or not to be .. a vegetarian?

After careful consideration, i have decided that i will enter the crazy cat lady phase a little early. why? because at times, I absolutely really cannot stand to be around people.

For starters, they can be selfish, FAKE, JEALOUS, and completely UNTRUSTWORTHY not to mention conceited, and egotistical. In most cases, females are all of those at the same time! how are humans capable of all of this? are our sophisticated brains holding us back from really living life? or do we need this sophistication to propel mankind into some kind of super era? because if you ask me... i'd say animals have the riqht idea. When you think about it, everything I need to know about life I can learn from watching my cat. -- eat when you’re hungry... sleep when you’re sleepy... and most importantly, when you see someone you love hurting...wait until they are done trashing the apartment before making an attempt to cuddle. -- lol

how many times have you heard the same old same old...
"I hate men, but I have a dog that i would marry if i legally could."

"i hate men, but i have five cats that mean the world to me."

"I hate men."

"i hate men."

"i hate men."

i truly believe a lot of this stems from bad experiences in childhood; therefore, many girls find comfort in the innocence of animals to sort of que them from those bad experiences. I think this is mostly because cats & dogs are incapable of judging people. And the most insecure girls get to really appreciate that factor the most. Why? Because when in the company of a pet, there is no need to suck your stomach in to make your boobs look bigger. animals don’t care if you have a little lisp or if you have an odd looking belly button. having that “break” from the pressures of society is revitalizing and relaxing, which is why i feel alot of women in the stripping/adult film industry become actively involved in PETA and vegetarianism. they simply get to the point where I am and that is the realization that there are no good and real people out there. It is truly a sad world. sure, the book “Skinny Bitch” completely horrified me, the documentary “Food, Inc.” made me physically sick, but it didn't stop me from eating meat. I don't think I can ever truly become a vegetarian.. 

Now onto the images. They are great aren't there? LOL They belong to PETA. PETA has been under fire for a number of years for using provocative images to advertise their cause. Mostly of celebrities posing nude such as the images above and below depict. I think this is pure genius. It gets people talking and nothing spreads information faster than a bunch of people that think they should feel offended. lol Let's face it, there will always be that one person who does. Below are some ads on google image search that I think are interesting and if this bothers you, I don’t give a fuck.

Now let's see another side..

men are better than animals because they don’t need to be fed, they clean up after ourselves, and they don’t try to mate with every female who waves her furry little end our way.

Oh wait, that only counts for 25% of the male population.

maybe if pets talked, women would hate them.. What if your rat terrier mix sees you scarfing pizza at midnight and says, “uhm yeah, becky. do you really need to be eating that, sweetie?

Or, your cat sees you sneaking in at 4 A.M. after a night out and angrily demands to know, “Where have you BEEN?! You were out with HIM again, weren’t you? Slut!

Nobody likes a controlling, possessive feline, but again, their small brains preclude this annoying behavior. most importantly, remember that your trusted pooch or feline CANNOT change a flat tire, care for you when you are sick, or wine and dine you on your birthday. i don't even want to get into sexual needs...

to get a little deeper, what if just... what if the animals were put on this earth for us to consume. hmm.. ever thought about that ? then by not eating them you are keeping them from fufilling their destiny. I must admit that there is nothing like having a large porterhouse steak brought to your table all sizzling and stuff and cutting into it and it cuts like butter. Slightly pink inside & the meat just melts in your mouth! (I’m talking about steak here you gutter-minded people ;) ]

what are your thoughts ? are you vegetarian ? when did you become one, why did you, and do you hate others who aren't? i personally love meat way too much to give it up...wow that sounded pretty slutty, didn't it? yeeesh! im on a roll tonight ;]

xoxo rica


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